IS4C Demo


previous enter 2 to ring up a baguette

Notice that the cashier name is listed as Kate K. Only the first initial of the cashier's last name is shown. The green dot indicates that the lane is able to communication with the data server and all is well. We would otherwise see a red dot with the caption "stand alone". As for the clock, this slide show was put together over a number of days. Don't be alarmed if the time continuum appears to be relative.

We'll ring up a loaf of bread. Items can be scanned in using a scanner scale, a hand-held scanner, or entered in by hand using the programmable keyboard, or just a standard keyboard. Since the baguette does not come with a barcode, we'll enter it in by hand. If this is a French bakery, there is perhaps already a key on the keyboard that says "baguette". We happen to know that our PLU for the baguette is 2.