A Story on the Installation at Alberta Co-operative Grocery, August 1st, 2007

I got wind that Alberta Co-op, at Portland, Oregon, was installing IS4C and so I decided to make my way there to pay them a visit. I told Joel I would help, but I had ulterior motives. For the first time, the Linux version had a scanner scale driver that seemed to function well in the lab. I wanted to see how well it worked in production. I also wanted to take pictures of the event, but above all, I am always interested in IS4C installations, and simply could not stay away. In the end, I was only able to observe for half an hour after the store offically opened on August 1st before I had to make a mad dash for the airport. I'll get to that later.
As it turned out, I arrived two days before the roll-out, on July 30th, to find Alberta Co-op pleasantly situated on a well travelled, but quiet street. Inside, an eerie calm prevailed...
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