Quick Start for Ubuntu Users

Before you download, note that the scripts provided, as with IS4C, come with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. We further specify that they are to be run on computers dedicated for the purpose, and not on existing systems already involved in, or meant for, other applications.

To set up an IS4C lane on a freshly installed ubuntu system:

download the lane installation script.

Make the file executable and then run the script as the super user.

To set up the administrative back end:

download and run the server installation script, as the super user.

The lane script will do the following:

  • Install Apache, MySQL and PHP via apt-get
  • Install ssh
  • Install the necessary IS4C databases
  • Install device drivers
  • Edit Apache and PHP configuration files for IS4C settings

At the conclusion of the script, the lane computer will stand ready to work with the retail peripherals detailed in the hard ware section.

These scripts have only been tested on fresh installations of ubuntu. Insofar as Debian is a similar distribution, we assume (hope) that they would work on Debian as well, but they have not been tested on Debian. Please let us know if you have given it a try. Since the scripts do alter your apache and php configurations, they should be run on dedicated computers.

Note that the server and lane cannot co-exist on the same computer. The server script will overwrite lane configurations and vice versa. You could, however, switch back and forth, just that you can't have both at the same time on the same computer.

These scripts are based on the documentation created during the installation efforts at Durham Food Co-op. It is hoped that they will get your test lab up and running quickly, but if you are the one ultimately responsible for supporting the system, we do recommend that you read through the overview and the detailed installation process to get a better idea of how the system is put together. You will in any case have to read further to find out how to configure and test the system. Please post to the forum to let us know if and where these scripts fail, and give us your ideas on how to improve them.